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Monday, August 30, 2010

Running Crab Spider

Michigan Spiders - Running Crab Spider-1

Michigan Spiders - Running Crab Spider-2

Michigan Spiders - Running Crab Spider-3Notice how flat the Running Crab Spider spreads out to the counter top.

Michigan Spiders - Running Crab Spider-4

Abdomen - Oblong and Gray charcoal looking with two indented looking points.

Cephalothorax - Around half the size of the abdomen, it has a little patter with darker and lighter grays.

- The spider in the above pictures was near the size of a dime if I included the legs.

Bite Info - N/A

Other Notes - These spiders will stay in one position for a little while but are exceptionally quick when on the run.

Genus - Philodromus margaritatus


  1. ive seen that spider before

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Just caught that spider here in West Michigan. of course I let him/her go once I found out he/she is harmless. Thank you for having this website!!

  4. I should have taken a photo of the spider I found here in Novi, MI last night. I can't find anything that resembles it on this site although the shape most closely resembles this spider. It had a fairly small body with legs around the same proportions as this one, except for the two front legs. The most distinguishing characteristic about it was that the two front legs were very very long and pointed out in front of it. It was a darkish brown color with light brown markings on its back. About the size of a quarter including its legs. I found it hanging in a curled up ball from my bathroom ceiling. When it started to run away it looked like it was not touching the ceiling although I could not see any of the webbing. It liked to use its webbing an awful lot.

  5. Hi Lauryn

    ....the two front legs were very very long and pointed out in front of it. It was a darkish brown color with light brown markings on its back....

    I can think of a few that might fit that. One dangerous and the others not. Without a pic, it is very hard to identify a spider unless it has unique markings.....

    DANGEROUS (Just to get this one out of the way)
    Brown Widow (type of black widow) .... Take a look at this URL and scroll down. There are a few that would fit your description....

    Non Dangerous
    Steotoda ....
    Now keep in mind, this spider usually has medium length legs, but if you scroll through the pics, you will find that sometimes they do have long front legs.

    If it is not one of those, please tell me what is different and I may be able to help more.

  6. I live in Oregon and i saw one today! my cat was playing with it. they crawl weird!

  7. I think I've had 2 of these in my house before (SE MI). I thought they were Huntsman spiders at the time, because of the leg arrangement, but they were probably a couple of these, since I don't see anything about Huntsmans (Huntsmen?) on here.

  8. Hey m names mike my friend found this spider and im very interested in it. Someone said it was a crab spider but doesnt look like this one at all if you could identifie it along with bite info that would be great sorry if im posting it on the wrong species file:///C:/Users/Vanessa/Downloads/crabs.jpg

    1. I cant seem to post the picture if you can tell me how that would be great, buts is a really bright green and yeallowish tint with a red stripe on both sides


      ok just goto this link address and if you could delete this last repl after you get this pic that would be much appreciated


  9. I found this tonight in my garage. I think its a running crab but it was brown not gray. about the size of a quarter.


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