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Orb Weaver

Also known as the common Garden Spider, Diadem Spider, and Cross Spider.

Michigan Spiders - Orb Weaver-1Good picture of the cross on its abdomen.

Michigan Spiders - Orb Weaver-2Face to face with the common Orb Weaver

Michigan Spiders - Orb Weaver-3A nice profile shot of this guy

Michigan Spiders - Orb Weaver-4Got him to pose for me to get a shot at his underside.

Abdomen - Round and slightly oblong with an array of design to the pattern and can range from light yellow to a gray in color. Most prominent on the abdomen is usually a white cross.

Cephalothorax - Around half the size of the abdomen, it is sometimes smooth with a hairier head area.

- I have seen adults around as large as a quarter, thought that is including its legs.

Bite Info - As ugly as this spider may seem, it is quite tame and harder than most to provoke to bite. When it does bite, it leaves nothing more than some irritation and is completely harmless to humans.

Other Notes - They tend to spin round webs, strung across an open area and will sit in the center (head down) and wait for their prey to fly into its web

Genus - Araneus diadematus