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Jumping Spider

Michigan Spiders - Jumping Spider-2
Michigan Spiders - Jumping Spider-2
Abdomen - Gray and white with a splotchy pattern. Somewhat hairy.

Cephalothorax - Approximately the same size as the abdomen, it has nearly the same pattern as the abdomen and two sets of its eyes on its back.

- The spider in the above pictures was near the size of a dime if I included the legs.

Bite Info - Not considered dangerous and are listed as No Risk. ....  However, the symptoms of a bite are not always something you want to deal with.  Most cases will have some swelling and itchiness that will fade. Sometimes they can cause aching muscles and on a rare occasion they can cause flu like symptoms with nausea and vomiting that can last a few days.

Other Notes - These spiders are very intelligent and quick to run or jump away from approaching danger. I found this one on the inside of a friends back door and trying to get it on a piece of paper so I can get pictures was near impossible. After some difficulty I finally chased it around to the outside of the door and knocked it off onto his steps where I got the pictures.

Genus - Marpissa muscosa