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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Submitted Pics - Nursery Web Spiders

The following are pictures of Nursery Web Spiders that have been submitted to me by others living in Michigan. In doing this, I am able to show pictures of spiders in Michigan that I myself have not seen as well as more pics of those I have posted officially as being in Michigan.

Please understand that the Nursery Web Spiders in this section may or may not be indigenous to Michigan. I would hope that others would be honest and actually send pics of spiders they have actually found in Michigan, but I cannot make any guarantees.

I would also like to thank all of those listed below for their kindness in sending me these pics and giving me permission to use them as well as their first name and city.

Jenny - Rogers City area - (Her husband found it while hunting in the area.)

Kate - Auburn Hills Mi. - (I believe this to be a Nursery Web Spider, even after originally thinking it a Wolf Spider. I am still not positive on this one.)

Katlin - Plainwell Mi.

Monica - Canadian Lakes Mi.

Jamie - Jennison Mi.


  1. I will be on the look-out for these. I don't believe I have ever seen one of these. Thanks for the photos.

  2. I seen one of these, it measured out to around 2.5-3 inches...

  3. Just evicted one of these from my home in Comstock Park, MI, just North of Grand Rapids.

  4. Seems like there is at least 2 different looks of this spider...One is "fat" and another is "slim" and with much longer butt ;-) Some people (including me) thinks this one is a Brown Recluse. I did talk to some lady in the pest control isle at the local store, and she was bitten by Brown Recluse last year, ended up in the hospital for 5 days and developed MRSA... Scary stuff knowing that this spider (Brown Recluse) shouldn't be here...

    1. Brown Recluse are small, nursery web spiders are GIGANTIC, rivaling the size of Fishing Spiders. I rarely see them less than 1.75 in (and up to 2.5 or 3 inches), (Brown Recluse are less than 1 inch) so I'm not sure how you could mistake them. They look more like a Wolf Spider to me, which they also dwarf.

  5. Many spiders come in different shapes and even colors and patterns. This is one of the reasons one needs so much detail to identify them. Sometimes two different spiders can look too much alike, where as a spider in the same family with a certain pattern can be easy to identify.

    I am sure the lady you spoke to believes she was bit by a recluse. I would not be surprised in the least if the doctors diagnosed that. But consider this....

    If it was a recluse bite, it likely did not turn into MRSA. The toxin of the recluse is what would have created the terrible sore and rotting of the flesh. If in the end it was diagnosed as MRSA, then it was likely never a recluse bit to begin with. It may have been a spider bite and the wound came in contact with the MRSA virus (or whatever it is), but unless she actually caught the spider and had it identified as a recluse, I dont buy that was what bit her. That is too rare and would have been documented and even news worthy here in Michigan.

    It is very common for the MRSA infection to be diagnosed as a recluse bite. Many doctors make that mistake. The two wounds look very similar.

    1. that may be true and iot may be rare to be bitten by one in michigan but even with it being rare doesnt automatically make it news worthy and may not have been documented i know they are around in toledo where i am from because my cousin was bitten by one and she got MRSA from it too she still has scars that are from it so know ur facts before u destroy someone elses confidence in what something is

    2. I am not looking to destroy anyones confidence. At the same time, I will ALWAYS state the facts rather than aid someones mis-guided myths.

      The fact is. The recluse is NOT indigenous to Michigan.

      The fact is, I cannot find more than one case of a recluse bite in Michigan where the spider itself was identified.

      The Fact is, doctors are often misdiagnosing MRSA and other dangerous infections as the Recluse bite.

      The Fact is, if it was the recluse bite, then it was NOT MRSA. If it was MRSA, then it was not a recluse bite. The recluse venom would be strong enough to damage the flesh and cause amjor sore and possible rotting. I highly doubt you will find a case anywhere where it was both. It is possible your cousin was bit by a recluse that was transported to the area. But that would still say they are not indigenous to the area, and that it was not MRSA.

      I am sorry but your cousin was misdiagnosed one way or the other. I have even talked to an Anthropologist at MSU for over 20 years and he said he has never heard of Wolf Spiders or other spiders carrying MRSA. I would think he would know if anyone. At one point I had it listed we did have them here and another expert emailed me correcting me. As I dug into it, I found he was right. That is TWO experts I have talked to. I would say that is knowing the facts. Likely, your cousin had contracted MRSA and it was misdiagnosed as a Recluse bite. I am sorry if that is hard to accept, but the Fact is, I do check my facts and we do not have the Brown Recluse in Michigan.

      By the way... Yes, it would be news worthy. I have even watched a video of the news on the west coast of Michigan talking about how the Black Widow has migrated to Michigan. Since the Recluse is not supposed to be here, I am sure it would be news worthy if someone was actually bitten by one here.

    3. Also, it is all possible they may be in Ohio. But from what I have read, it is even very rare for them to be found in Ohio. So the fact someone was bit by one in Toledo (If it was NOT MRSA), does not mean they are here in Michigan.

    4. Woops. Correction.... He was an Entomologist. Not and Anthropologist. I dont know why I always want to say Anthro. lol

    5. a girl at work was bitten by one of these, and in fact it started out as a pimple like thing, and it kept on getting bigger and bigger, after about two weeks, she went to the doctor, that it was extremely sore. it started eating the flesh of her leg,and into the muscle..needless to say she was off work for months, trying to keep the infection out, and in and out of the doctors....always be aware, they are here!

    6. No that sounds like only MRSA. If it were a recluse bite, it would be severe infection or reaction to the venom almost immediately. It sounds like your friend had the slower acting reaction to MRSA, which start out like a pimple and infects the tissues around it in a slower rate than the recluse bite.

  6. Just went camping in benzonia Michigan and these spiders were all over the place I had 3 on just my tent alone !

  7. My husband found one in a cup he picked up off the ground to throw in the trash. Scared the .... out of him.

  8. Mr.Schonmeier did you recieve the picture i sent you of the nursery web spider my friend found in her kids's outdoor toys? thank you for your site in different spiders. It helps to havea site for a quick reference to identify, visually , what spiders we find.

  9. Port Huron, MI - one has laid an egg in my impatiens and is sitting on it - I just planted it, then noticed it...ewwww!!! Do I kill it?!!

  10. Well it wont harm the plant. I dont think. lol Actually they dont hatch their eggs by sitting on them. What you see is a sac with hundreds of eggs inside of it. THey attach the sac to their underside and carry it with them. When it is close to hatching, they will attach the sac to a plant and stand guard over them until the spiders hatch.

  11. I have these all around my house on the outside. I did have one in my front room chilling on a slab of rock that is used for trinkets. They are very fast!

  12. Are they poisonous? I have a big one outside my front door that my 4 year old son calls Wegs ( I'm afraid that he will get bitten by it.. I will never kill a spider but I do not want him to try to play with it for obvious reasons...

    1. There is only one kind of spider to worry about, the Black Widow. The Nursery Web Spider can't cause permanent damage or serious pain, but they can cause mild swelling, and maybe some aching.

  13. My step dad in MI was bitten by a brown recluse last year and has a nasty scar now. My mom's dog was bitten by one a few months ago and the top half of his ear is now black and shriveled up as well as paralyzed

  14. Anyone know of a place where I can have a picture of a spider confirmed? I want to know what it is. From the pictures I think it's a nursery web spider, but I am not an entomologist.

  15. My daughter just got bit by a brown recluse when we were vacationing at our house this August in Kalkaska, MI, and yes a couple days later her leg was so swollen she couldn't walk and it was red with a black necrosis sore in the middle, so I rushed her to the hospital, and they said it was MRSA but we saw the spider on the seat of the boat and know it bit her, but in panic we flung it into the lake. I tried to tell the hospital I saw the spider bite her and I know it was a brown recluse as I lived in
    Georgia and seen them before, but they insist it's MRSA. I believe the others who wrote on this site about being bit by a recluse in Michigan and that they got MRSA from the bite.

  16. I live in Ypsilanti, MI and found a very large black spider in our basement that was not in a web and was probably the size of a half dollar including legs. I have never seen one this size. Is it common for a wolf spider to get that large? I have a picture but it is far away and you really cannot tell the size. Makes me itch just writing about it.

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. This comment was deleted because they attempted to continue an ongoing debate on the Recluse under a different spider section. Please keep comments to the correct areas.

  18. I just moved into a cabin in November and have come across atleast 3-4 diffrent species of spiders with this being the most common. I have been trying to figure out what it is with worries that it may a Brown Recluse. So far this is the only spider that we have an issue of just roaming everwhere including on us. THe others stay up in there corners. Any idea of how to rid these spiders and is there any concern of there bites as I have children?
    Tammy- Big Rapids MI.

  19. I have known of 3 cases of people getting bit by a brown recluse spider in jackson michigan ,, So I really dont believe that they are that rare around here anymore !

  20. I have seen 4 of this type of spider this year. One in my kitchen sink, one in my son's toy chest one run up my arm when I was pushing my son in his swing and the other by our fire pit. Are these poisonous?

  21. this is the nursery web spider, people, not the brown racluse!!!!! stop posting about how you or someone you know got bit!!!! go to the brown racluse page to do that!!!

  22. doesn't a brown recluse have an upside down violin going from his head, to the beginning of the abdomen? if I'm looking at these pictures correctly, the NURSERY WEB SPIDER just has a stripe, (big abdomen or small abdomen) neither of these pictures have the upside down violin.

    Believe me. At first the millions of spiders i've been finding in my house were thought to be brown recluses. I begged my husband to let us move. I was severely paranoid. I had three crawling on me at one time once, while i was working around the yard, and screamed, because I thought they were brown recluses. My husband had to beat the crap out of one with a broom because it crawled up my foot and leg.

    I'm confident in this site. I believe they're nursery web spiders, and even though they're still scary as shit, i'm much more calm in believing what this man says.

    As for MRSA. you can't get MRSA from a spider. That's just idiotic thinking.

  23. I've actually seen these several times in my yard. The spiders I'm thinking of look exactly like pictures 2 and 3. Every time of seen them, they've been hiding in a rolled up leaf or small nook/cranny with a thick looking web-wall blocking them from the rest of the world, excepting a small hole that I've seen them dart in and out of. I have never seen them inside my house, and quite honestly, I think they're quite interesting little creatures. Troy, MI

  24. Thank you for the site. Actually showed pictures to make ID easier. It helped a lot.

  25. I found one of these today in my garden in Bath, MI. It's guarding a web- nest full of babies! Pretty cool looking spider. There are lots of them around here.

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