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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Submitted Pics - Jumping Spiders

The following are pictures of Jumping Spiders that have been submitted to me by others living in Michigan. In doing this, I am able to show pictures of spiders in Michigan that I myself have not seen, as well as more pics of those I have posted officially as being in Michigan.

Please understand that the Jumping Spiders in this section may or may not be indigenous to Michigan. I would hope that others would be honest and actually send pics of Jumping Spiders they have actually found in Michigan, but I cannot make any guarantees.

I would also like to thank all of those listed below for their kindness in sending me these pics and giving me permission to use them as well as their first name and city.

Daring Jumping Spiders...

Michigan Spiders - Daring Jumping Spider-1Romy - Coloma Mi.

Michigan Spiders - Daring Jumping Spider-2Nikki - Howell Mi.

Michigan Spiders - Daring Jumping Spider-3aJustin - Howell, Mi.

Michigan Spiders - Daring Jumping Spider-3Justin - Howell, Mi.

Other Jumping Spiders...

Michigan Spiders - Jumping Spider-1Romy - Coloma Mi.

Michigan Spiders - Jumping Spider-2Jenilee - Central Lake, Mi.

Michigan Spiders - Jumping Spider-3Jenilee - Central Lake, Mi.

Michigan Spiders - Jumping Spider-4Dustin - Madison Heights, Mi.


  1. i live in garden city, michigan and i just killed (sorry no pic) a spider that looked like the top 2 pictures.

    1. Today 6-6-13 I just killed a spider that looked similar to the second one pictured here but I got to shook up to even think about taking a picture , it had a fuzzy black body with a white almost diamond on its back part of the body and it was almost a 1/2 inch in length . Made me uncomfortable knowing that is in our house with my three kids .

    2. This site wont let me email. I also seen the same spider. How ever after pissing myself I managed to get pictures. I even stepped back and got a picture of it on car and you can see plate is Michigan. I was at a Chrysler plant in Detroit. I would love to send it to you. I just need address to send pics. He was jumpy and I swear followed my every movement. I took pic because I figured no one believe me. UGH!!!

    3. I just caught 1 in Lacombe Louisiana had never seen 1 so I looked it and it looks exactly like 3 pic black and fuzzy like a small teranchula with 3 white dots on back 2 small on top 1 big below like a face had 2 catch it and bring it home 2 show family

    4. Tarantula...that is how you spell it.

    5. Tarantula...that is how you spell it.

    6. I live in Garden City also and saw the one in the second picture today on my mailbox.

    7. العناكب هي العناكب وتساعد على قتل الحشرات.
      Spiders are arachnids and help kill insects
      (google translated :) )

  2. I live in Holly, MI and there is a spider on my window that looks like the top pic. I found this site by looking for pictures online so I could find out the type of spider for my kids. We find these spiders every year.

  3. We are seeing theses in and around our house too in Troy. I had never seen them before, they are very quick and do literally jump! They can SEE YOU too....

    1. I just saw one of these today at our playground in Mt. Clemens, It was looking at me! Following my moves, about an inch long and furry! eek!

    2. They can test your manhood for sure. You go to kill them and they turn real fast and stare at you with those little beady eyes, and follow your movements. I think of the spider saying "Come at me bro!"

  4. I just caught a jumper that looks identical to the first pic and its about the size of a nickel
    Traverse City, Mi

  5. my wife had a spider jump into the pool skimmer out of no ware. it was a Darjng jumping spider. I did not know what kind it was thank you for this site Warren MI. no pic. sorry.

  6. I just had a spider jump out of nowhere in our restroom at work (scared me half to death!). It looked like the top pic. Alma, Michigan

    1. These are quite common in Alma...we got them in our house ALL the time when we lived there.

  7. I live in mid michigan and I've seen a lot of jumping spiders that looked like the bottom picture.

  8. i have a lot of these at my place in michigan

  9. I live in Port Huron, MI and I see these all the time.

    1. I also live in Port Huron, MI and I just saw a Daring Jumping Spider for the first time in my life yesterday! It was in the corner of my office and, since I get foreign shipments often, I thought it may have been imported; however, it looked exactly like the third pic...creepy!

  10. I live in Saginaw and just opened my back door and a spider that looked like the top pic came at me out of nowhere! I stood watching it and whenever I moved, it moved. It kept standing on it's two back legs and I kept thinking it looked like a cat ready to pounce. Scared me, so I had to come looking for what it is in case I find more!

    1. I live in SC and we have them alot. I think they look like small tarantulas. Yuk, they give me the willies

  11. I have these in my house in the summer months - usually. I have always called them "jumping field spiders". You are right - they watch you! Creeps me out! Are they poisonous? Kalamazoo, MI

    1. My son used to like to play with these spiders when he was about 3 years old, until he got bit. It bit him quite hard!

  12. These very common Jumping Spiders are not dangerous to us at all. They are far more liable to run (or jump away) than to bite, and if one does bite, their venom is very week.

    They are summer spiders and day hunters. They often like to be in the sun light as well because their vision is such that it sees better in the day light.

  13. I have seen these spiders all over the place. My girlfriend has killed several of them in her house too. The really seem like they're actually looking at you & assessing their surroundings. & to call them "jumping" spiders is very accurate... creepy little buggars!

  14. I live in Columbiaville MI and I have spiders in my house that look EXACTLY like the first I came looking to identify them!

  15. We live in Ludington MI. A spider that looked just like to top picture of a Daring Jumping Spider was on the shower wall this morning, It didn't try to run or hide but did turn to look at me and raised up in defiance as I captured it. The last I saw it was riding the tissue down the toilet (sorry spider-folks, I don't mind spiders in the woods, just not as a morning surprise!). We have Yellow-Sac Spiders and tiny Wolf Spiders, this is the first one of these I have seen here.

  16. I've had these in Highland, MI and in Milford, MI.

  17. These are so cool! They look like tiny tarantulas. I always catch and release these.

    1. I catch and release.... And they look at me and say thank you!

  18. My spider is the one marked "Romy - Coloma Mi." I am a native Detroiter and am very familiar with jumping spiders. At first glimpse I said to myself with a wave, oh a jumping spider. But when I took a second look it was at least two times the size of a normal jumping spider. I came out to see if there are larger species of the spider.

  19. These black furry things hang around my doorway and have made their way into my house. They are terrifing and can jump several feet and recover and jump again. I agree that they do see you and your size does not frighten them. Some od mine are bigger that an inch in lenght..and some have a red spot on their backs..very visuable. I do worry they may bite one of my small dogs..they are very agressive, furry, and black. I am in the Battle Creek MI area.

  20. They have excellent vision for spiders and can jump, but I think you might be letting your fears rule your judgement about their aggressiveness.

    Jumping spiders are some of the least aggressive spiders around. They are out in the daylight to hunt for food because it helps their vision, but they will almost always jump away from you rather than at you. If one is on the door and jumps, it is only physics that it will propel away from the door and likely towards you, but it is not attacking.

    In fact, the Jumping Spider is the first and only spider I have been willing to pick up since I started this site. :o) Though they can bite, they will almost never do so unless they are squeezed or trapped.

    An inch in size does also sound a little large. If you could somehow get a picture of one next to something that would show its size in comparison, I would love to see it.

    But I would encourage you to try learning about them and watching them for entertainment purposes. You would be surprised at how much your fears would settle with the more knowledge and acquainted you become with them.

    As for your dogs, there is no worry. Even if they did bite, they would likely not do you nor your dog any real or lasting harm.

  21. my cat was playing with a spider that looks like the 4th one and it bit her and she screamed. It had bigger white spots on the legs. I live in Kalkaska Michigan.

  22. I have these spiders horribly. I live in Belleville,Mi. And let me say they will jump at you I have been raised that you only kill what you will eat, so our process is we catch the spider and let it loose outside, EXCEPT these!! I will not hesitate to kill these. They have bit my daughter, and have left nasty welts. One was between 2 panes of glass on the window and I stuck my finger about 5 inches away and it came after my finger. I am sorry but if these are found in my house I kill them.They do appear aggressive and no thank you they are not welcome in my house. Cindy

    1. do you happen to have a picture of the world to left on your daughter I live in Tennessee and have been finding these all over my house and every day I've been covered in welts from head to toe since I moved here 3 weeks.

  23. I live in Warren MI and just found the spider in PIC #1 on my back door window. It had the same shape, size and white pattern on the dorsal side of its abdomen. I wanted to look it up to make sure it wasn't dangerous and am glad to discover that it is only a jumping spider. I have a large yard very popular with bees, butterflies and other insects. In being so, I guess he is simply stopping by for a good meal. Thanks for the site. It has saved a lot of needless worry.

  24. I live in Jackson , I was moving a bird house today and had one of these spiders on my hand when I went to swat at it it was gone, they are big & fast , scared the crap out of me! lol

  25. i have found these all over my house I live in Adrian, michigan. I hate spiders and normally will not killone unless it is climbing on me, they help keep other bugs out so Im ok with them living with me. BUT THESE JUMPING SPIDERS I WILL KILL!!! I watched one the other day planing its attack on my 6 week old puppy so needless to say that one no longer is alive. I got bit by one the other night. I have a bump on my arm & it looked NASTY! I freak out over spiders so I had to check this out. I am very happy that I found your page. Thank you for the info on them.

  26. one bit my daughter twice before , looked like the common black ones with white spots, and she swelled up where she was bitten, does that mean she is allergic or is that a common affect from their bite?

  27. I saw one today, the size of a bumble bee! I actually thought it was a bumble bee! But, it started moving on its leg! Ah! The weird thing I don't understand was it had green in the front.. Like, almost looked as if it were carrying a leaf! What was it? It wasn't a leaf! There are no green leaves in my back yard.

  28. We have one of these "little" guys living in our mail box in Macomb. I shake it off of my mail into the grass and he's back in my mailbox the next day! I'm used to him now. I just wonder what the mail lady thinks!

  29. I live in mt. clemens and i see these marpissa jumpers all the time around the house and am absolutely fascinated by them. Im pretty sure theyre hunters and sometimes actually seem to be somewhat interactive, as evidenced by people who say they appear to be completely aware of the casual observer. I never kill them, instead i just catch em in a jar and release them outside. In fact ill bet they hold back other insect pests in the garden. Im pretty sure theyre completely harmless, and may in fact be beneficial. If I can get ahold of a good enough camera I'll provide some pictures

  30. I live in Newport Michigan just north of Monroe and I have these spiders all over the place. My son recently caught one under a laundry basket and then I put it in a water bottle to release it. I do have a picture it 2, but they are blury due to it being in the bottle when I took pictures (I wanted to make sure they weren't harmful before I got too friendly with them.) I was mostly frightened about their lime green fangs, they are very intimidating. After we found the first one we started finding them all around the house. The largest one I've seen had a body about the size of my pinky toe but not as fat. Lol. They are very fast, but we have never had any problems with them as far as them "attacking" us.

  31. Hey I live in martin michigan and I have seen a spider that is little black and fuzzy. It has a red spot on its butt. any ideas on what it could be? Email me at

  32. I live in Chelsea, Michigan and I've recently seen three of the black fuzzy ones with the white dots. I'll try to get a pic next time

  33. I just saw one like the picture at the top of this page this morning in the shower. Just wondering if they come inside for the winter. I live in Trenton and have never seen one before.

    1. they live all year, I have had one in the corner now for a long time, it never bothers us, but kills every wasp. fly, mosquito, and mean spiders around

  34. I live in A2 and these guys can JUMP, sometimes 4+ft. They aren't aggressive but they have good depth perception and can and will watch you. I used to keep one as a pet. They make a cave out of web an slept there. They leave a fine silk trail generally too. I've seen them up to 1.5 inches long, but usually they're about 0.6 inches, give or take 0.2

  35. Been finding this spider (in Swartz Creek, Michigan) since it got warm the past few days. Yesterday one was in between the panes of a window so I was able to see this chunky black spider clearly and identify its light marking on its "back". I was just sitting out on the chaise in the sun on the deck around 1 pm and opened my eyes to see one on my shin. A natural reaction, I immediately brushed it off me and I'm not surprised to see that it is called a jumping spider because it reacted by jumping off me and quickly disappeared between two planks in the deck. It is FAST! It didn't bite me. They are a little too thick and meaty of a spider for my comfort. They have short legs for a spider it seems. Thanks for the easy identification. Good to know its harmless. I am finding them both inside and outside the house. This is the third one (or the same one) in three days.

  36. I'm surprised you don't have information about the black and white guys. They are everywhere in the Thumb. Very, very common. Several years ago, I had one that hung out in the kitchen and when I washed dishes, it would come out and watch me. When I was done, I would take a drop of clean water and drip it off my finger onto the counter and it would get a drink. I'm being completely serious. We did that all summer. They can definitely see you. It would sit back and tilt around, following my movements. I'm not a spider person, if it had jumped on me, it would have died. But he was my little kitchen buddy that summer.

  37. I was outside cutting and stacking wood with my shirt off, had one bite me on my back side of my shoulder! one like the third n fourth pics with the green fangs! hurt very bad, it literally ripped my skin when I pulled it off me! its been about 30 minutes now and it feels like someone punched me it the shoulder! traverse city

  38. I have learned in recent months that the Jumping Spiders have various degrees of aggressiveness. Daring Jumping Spiders are the most aggressive that I have found and will bite at times. Although if you got it on the back of the neck, it may have gotten caught between your skin and shirt or collar or something?

    This is what I found on their bites...
    The bite can be painful and itchy
    The site may become red, and there may be significant swelling
    Symptoms that are more serious include painful muscles and joints, headaches, fever, chills, nausea and vomiting which may last from 1 to 4 days.

    I have never heard of anyone having those last symptoms yet, but I guess the rare bad reaction to a bite is always possible.

    1. Thank you for your info I have found the one in the first photo in my house a few times the biggest one I seen and set free out side was about an 1/2 inch. My boys was asking alot of question witch led me to your web site. It helped us to under stand alot more and not be so afraid. Vassar Mi.

  39. "i just killed (sorry no pic) a spider that looked like the top 2 pictures." i seen a brown recluse acting spider today, very, very fast. i could only see a bar, not a fiddle body. i'm not scared, we have many jumping spiders here that i have been cultivating. i have been ant farming on an extreme hoarder level through planting many low laying cacti they feed on. im also not scared of black widows because of the number of jumpers ive cultivated. kill this type of spider? you're a nut sack.... they are not poisonous, and kill spiders that are.

  40. I found one like this in my back porch this week. It was making a nest and laying eggs. I live in Gladwin, MI.

  41. Jumping spiders are virtually harmless. Unless provoked, I catch these all the time in my house and work. Catch them in a cup and there fun to watch especially when their looking right at you. Just put them outside, don't kill them, their more important than many people think, all spiders. Battle Creek, Michigan

  42. I live in Sturgis and just saw one like in the first picture.

  43. It's funny how these spiders will watch you while you watch them. They are much smarter than they look.

  44. I just had one bite me the other day on the foot while on my pool deck. My foot and ankle is all swollen and itchy that is why i looked up this site. Although i did not see the actual bite I know it had to be done by one of these because of the symptoms you listed.

  45. I live in Syracuse New York,we just bought a new house here in March, now that spring is here I'm starting to clean up outside. Eating dinner tonight here comes this ugly thing jumping across the table at the kids, got them out of the way trying to catch this after putting it into a glass jar, I find this site about them and all the spottings out there in MI!! I have never seen anything like this!!! Thanks to all you spider lovers now we got them here in central NY, do me a favor the next time you see them don't let them get away, kill them!!!! Thanks again from central NY!!

  46. Syracuse New York YOU are an idiot wow you really take the cake .... Jumping spiders are THE most friendly and CURIOUS of all spiders and mean NO HARM you dumbass !! It's your attitude and ignorance and stupidity of so many on this page that is the reason for SO many species of animals goin threatened or EXTINCT!! Like Honey bees they're dying off in the millions because of people like you thinking " oh my god IT'S OUT TO GET MEEE!!!! " even though they're not , most insects are just doing their thing , LIVING THEIR LIVES doin what they need to survive but you wanna spray them with bug poison and swat them , we hsve jumping spiders on our porch and they're very shy but literally will come out and watch US and never once hsve they even came close to jumping in us I trying to bite any of us including my very naughty 5 yr old daughter who leave anything alone including spiders ... Y'all all need to educate yourselves so maybe THEN you will realize these spiders only kill and eat other bugs or spiders and they are harmless , y'all are all adults but you're acting so childish .... And by the way all you beekilling bee haters and wasps etc , once they're all dead and gone, all is humans will die soon after because there's nothing to pollinate OUR foods and our food's(like cows pigs etc that eat veg and flowers etc) food will be gone as well becauseIT wasn't pollinated ... Y'all should really grow up geez

  47. I live in california, stockton and i seen one of these, i thought wtf that thing is huuuuge, rather it was the largest ive seen in a house, ive seen bigger garage spiders but not in the house, apparently they are good pets, so i left it alone to eat the bugs that come inside, it love hanging around our window in the dining room, near the plants, mainly around the window because he/she can make a decent web, found many of them near the window, so i stay away from it and let it do business, i wish these things ate cockroaches..

  48. Just killed one on my 4 yr old sons bed ... Fuzzy with three white spots wondering if they are dangerous

  49. Billie Jean neil WestlandJune 8, 2015 at 12:32 PM

    I have one trapped in between my window and screen as we speak. I'm waiting for my husband to come home and remove it (while iI video tape his man hood) it's mouth is green. And three white dots on its back. Seems like it is watching me following my every move. Tons of furr this female is huge..I took a picture of it next to my son's Lego character.

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  51. My name is Shelly, my husband and I carved pumpkins last night with our three year old daughter and this morning I went outside to turn the lights off from inside the pumpkins and I saw the spider from the first couple of pictures he was stalking a fly that was also on the pumpkin in one very quick movement it jumped onto the spider and bit it the fly did not move once after being bitten I took a picture of the spider and the fly...after I killed the spider of course I made sure to kill it with a spray so I wouldn't damage the nasty things body...I have a few pictures of some other nasty looking spiders and centipedes from in and around my apartment in Howell Mi. If u want the pictures I would need your email address so I will give u mine and if you email me I will have yours and will send you copies of the pictures I have my email is

    1. I had typed this once then realized I had to be logged in to publish it so I had to retune it and after reading it once it was posted I realized while rushing to type I did a crappy job of typing it...the spider definitely stalked the fly then the spider jumped onto the fly and but the fly after he was bitten the fly didn't move a single time. Lol

  52. I just found this spider and it looks a lot like this one never seen it jump yet! But I have pictures how can I send them to you?

  53. I found one of these spiders sitting on my towel after I stepped out of the shower this morning. I dropped my towel and it ran off quickly. Usually I would take a picture and put the spider outside but this one was too fast! It looked exactly like the third picture provided. Thank you for the info!

  54. well, I was doing a google search to see wtf this was. I live in Salt Lake City, UT. And I'd dare say our neighborhood (a condo complex) is overrun with them. I had an event at the clubhouse 5 days ago and a couple big ones were crawling on the walls. Then today, I was getting into my car and there was one on the floor. He ran under the passenger seat and I couldn't find him.....grrrrr.... spiders just startle me. I catch them and then take them outside... of course, they are repopulating as all get out. I started noticing them last year outside. Thanks for allowing me to read all your comments. At least these furry azz jumpers aren't poisonous.

  55. Just had one in very southern Ohio creep down from the ceiling, exactly like the top picture. Been gettin all kinds of little buggers, you'd think it's hitting snowfall around here! No thank you!

    1. I just moved to Columbus in April 16'. I came from Ypsilanti, MI. Where we saw lots of spiders all the time! And we're never bit by them. As soon as we move into this house here in Columbus Ohio, Now all of a sudden My kids are being bit repeatedly by spiders My husband aswell. The bite get super duper swollen. It scared Me. I wanted to take them to the e.r.!!! Now it is the first week of November and I finally see one of these in My kitchen! Yes it was watching Me watch it! All the noise my kids were making in the next room really scared the Lil guy. The but look just like a furry black bumble bee! And I actually thought his thing was FLYING the way it was jumping upward and gliding into my cabinet! I caught it in a cup and before I could release it the spider jumped/flew out the cup back into My cabinet. I was able to catch it again because it just couldn't stop watching me! LoL. I threw it out My window... I hope I didn't bring it from Michigan. The furniture that I have came from Ohio originally but was in Michigan or over15yrs. Lots of spider's nest in bottom corners of wooden furniture I find.

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  58. I work in a school kitchen in Manhattan, NYC. I was in the cafeteria area and saw this on the ceiling above my milk chest. I knew from it's movement it was a jumper and wanted to catch it before it got to one of the children. Not sure if it's venomous but rather me than them.

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  60. Wow, these fuzzy black little eye catching spiders, seem to like sunny California
    better than Michigan . Who new?

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  62. i just had one crawling on my computer screen, wow, freaked me out. black, fury and white diamond on its back. it was the size of a quarter. sorry , i hate spiders, so i trapped it kleenix and flushed it down the toilet.

  63. I have one on my lime tree like the fist pic. looks nice but my kids are scare of it, am just going to let it be.

  64. I'm almost positive I just had one of these in my window I Live in MN I don't know much about spiders but I did take a pic of the ugly thing

  65. My boyfriend founder a spider that looks exactly like one of your pics. How do i send you the picture.

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  70. Just found the exact same spider as seen in the 3rd picture. Buckley, MI. He was in my house, in the upstairs bedroom. Pretty sure this is what has been biting pretty much everyone in the house. Captured him and took him outside.