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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jumping Spider

Michigan Spiders - Jumping Spider-2
Michigan Spiders - Jumping Spider-2
Abdomen - Gray and white with a splotchy pattern. Somewhat hairy.

Cephalothorax - Approximately the same size as the abdomen, it has nearly the same pattern as the abdomen and two sets of its eyes on its back.

- The spider in the above pictures was near the size of a dime if I included the legs.

Bite Info - Not considered dangerous and are listed as No Risk. ....  However, the symptoms of a bite are not always something you want to deal with.  Most cases will have some swelling and itchiness that will fade. Sometimes they can cause aching muscles and on a rare occasion they can cause flu like symptoms with nausea and vomiting that can last a few days.

Other Notes - These spiders are very intelligent and quick to run or jump away from approaching danger. I found this one on the inside of a friends back door and trying to get it on a piece of paper so I can get pictures was near impossible. After some difficulty I finally chased it around to the outside of the door and knocked it off onto his steps where I got the pictures.

Genus - Marpissa muscosa


  1. i have these spiders all around my house i live in pentwater michigan, but the ones i have are all black with a white dot on back and a white ring around butt, also with green fangs. i have been searching for what kind and if poisions i have 2 young kids and im worried. im talking everywere our decks in our house i find at least 5 a day.. to me this is crazy...i have found on the web that these are jumping spiders butt the pictures i find they say they live in affrica and other hot places. what do u think.. please email me at

    1. phidippus audax, not poisonous, in US, wikipedia should help

  2. I have a spider like you just mentioned. Black with with parts of white on the legs and a white spot on the rear end. Also has greenish turquoise front mouth area / fangs. I'm also curious to find out what it is because it's not like the jumping spider I see pictured.

  3. That sounds a lot like the "Daring Jumping Spiders". Here is the address to its page in a friends Spider site at Spiderzrule.

    A Spiderzrule link is on the left side of my page in the "links" area. It is the top one.

  4. Sounds like what I've been finding in my house (i live in salem/south lyon MI) I think this is it...

  5. My husband killed a spider in the kitchen tonight that he said looked like a female black widow. I was too busy running in the opposite direction to get a good look at it myself, but it did not have the long, skinny legs like what I've seen pictured. But it did have the red mark on the belly. Is there any variety of spider in West Michigan that is black with a red belly but is NOT a black widow? Sorry, no picture as the critter got squished by a flip flop. I live in Newaygo County, MI. Thank you for any information you can give me!!

  6. I do have a couple pics of the Black Widow. I would ask you, in the future, to leave comments under the correct spider as they might help others who see them as well. :o)

    I personally am not aware of any look-a-likes. If it was glossy black and had a red mark on the belly, I would assume it is the black widow. Especially since you are along the lower west side of Michigan.

    I will say that I have seen two spiders that were similar to the Black widow in my life. One was black but had yellow dots with no red. The other was the same body but all a solid burgundy color. I have never found those on the internet and have no idea what they were. But if your spider had the red mark? Likely it was the Black Widow. Northern Widows, like we have in Michigan often only have half an hourglass.

    1. The burgundy one similar to widows would be S. Grossea (false widow). They're similar to widows but a different genus and a bit smaller.

    2. I know about the S.Grossa. Unfortunately I do not believe that was it. If it was, it was a HUGE S.Grossa. lol Plus, I have looked at pics of them and they are not the same color/shade as I remember.

      It is just possible that maybe my mind remembers it different than it really was after so many years, but I swear I can still see it in my head. It was in the jar at the same time as we had the black one with yellow dots and it was every bit as large. I have seen some Steatodas in recent years and they are not as large.

  7. Thank you very much for the info. We will pay closer attention when working outdoors from now on as we do live in a wooded area. Sorry, I didn't realize I was posting my comment in the jumping spider section. Generally whenever I see ANY spider, I'm the one doing the jumping but I will try to pay more attention in the future!! :)

  8. We have two large spiders in seperate webs in our hedge. They are about the size of a dime with long legs. Bodies are black with yellow marks in the center. They have large webs and in the center is a thick white zig-zag strand in the web. Any idea as to what kind of spider it might be? Is it poision? Grace from Riley Michigan 9-3-11

  9. This sounds like the Black and Yellow Argiope, or the Gold Garden Spider. In Autralia they are known as the "St.Andrews Cross".

    Copy and paste this address to your address bar and you will be taken to a friends site, Spiderzrule where they have plenty of pics.

    Please let me know if this was the same spider.

  10. Ken: Yes, that is the same spider. a black and yellow Argiope. Glen did not say if it is poision or not. Do you know if it is? Should we get ride of it or just give it it's space and try to work around it?

  11. It was near the end of her paragraph about the spider. .... "The St Andrew's Cross Spider doesn't have dangerous venom. Its bite causes a mild local pain."

    There is no reason to kill it but if you would feel more comfortable with it gone, you can always relocate it. I have never tried it, but I have heard you can put a long stick in the web and turn it around to get the spider on the stick then carry it to another location. If you simply knock down its web it will likely rebuild another in the same vicinity.

    Whatever you choose, I would much appreciate it if you could send me a pic. :o) I have not seen one of those yet, and nobody has sent a pic in yet. If you weren't so far away I would be begging to let me come see it. lol

  12. Since it is not a jumping spider, could you please email me in the future? I would prefer to keep the comments on the correct topics. I know I dont have the right topic available yet. Thanks :o)

  13. I have a spider in my window right now, that looks almost identical to a jumping spider, but is brownish, with orange striping instead of black and white. Is this a possibly color variation or is it something different? Not real worried about it, since it eats all the bugs that might get into the room, just curious.

    Megan Canton, MI

  14. These spiders love the window in my kitchen. Whenever I am cleaning that area I frequently see them. I'm glad to know they aren't venomous. They are quick though.

  15. I've noticed these spiders are very sensitive to big fast moves; if you wave your hand near one on a wall, even from several feet away, it will track it and counter-move very quickly. I've sorta "played" with a few like that, just amazing.

  16. I live in Dundee Michigan and have encountered some very big "Fishing Spiders" in my home here. Also got a lot of little Black and green Jumping spiders in the house to, but they prefer the windows and blinds. It is amazing how smart and intriguing they are. Wolf Spiders are a huge common sight here in the summer to, as well as Field Spiders or the black, white and yellow Orb Weavers. We have a lot of different kinds where i live cause i am located along a field. Also have some big Cellar Spiders here to, glad to know that i don't have much of an insect problem. :) :)

  17. My jumping spider is my roommate, and has a place of honor in my home. One day in the fall, I was vacuuming, and suddenly I noticed that it had climbed up the vacuum cleaner while it was running and waved to me to get my attention so I wouldn't vacuum it up! Since then, it makes occasional appearances around my apartment in Adrian. For the last several weeks, it's made a cocoon-like web in one of the corners of my bedroom; it's probably a warm place. It is extremely intelligent, and probably the lowest-maintenenace roommates I have. I hate to kill it, as I admire the fact that it manages to stay alive even during the winter.

  18. last night i found a nest and 2 brown spider but it doesnt look like the brown rulucuse it is like full out brown like a tree trunk soo i just like got bitten by the brown one i explained and i got a BIG bump on my neck also last night i killed a gray and black spider can u identifiy it

  19. a friend of mine has infestation of black spiders with a dot on the butt end of it on top though. do u know what it is?

  20. It sounds like it could be a jumping spider to me, but it could also be several others as well. Without a pic, that really is not enough info.

    Try pasting this URL in your address bar and look through the pics to see if you recognize one.....

    Keep in mind though, if you find one close, try scrolling through the pics in its page to see if any are exact. Some spiders can come in a variety of colors and patterns. So start with the main shape and legs size as well as a general color.

  21. We haved moved into a new home in AuGres, Michigan and i noticed these spiders that are grey and black outside on the cement porch. Now however keep finding them on the ceiling in our living room. They are fast and hard to catch to get rid of but they have pinch like first legs it looks like. I will try to get a pic on here but cant find what kind of spider this is. I have never seen one of these before. We havent seen any webs on the ceiling or corners, idk if going into woodwork but when get rid of them 2more will be on the ceiling just going back and forth from one end to the other. When trying to get them they move very fast like they see and move the other way. Hope that these arent poisonous as I have a little girl in the house.

  22. I work at a train yard in Arizona. We get new GM vehicles. I found a fuzzy gray and white jumping spider on one of the cars. I decided to search the web. I saw this pic and it is exactly what I saw. Common to Michigan? No wonder! The car it was on came from the Detroit Plant. He rode the rails all the way to Az. Thank you! Your blog was insightful.

  23. *****NOTE*****
    I have come to realize that some jumping spiders can indeed be on the aggressive side and will often bite. However, even if one does get aggressive and bites, the worst the bite is expected to be is a welt with some itchiness that will fade.

    At this time, I am more inclined to believe the Daring Jumping Spider would be the more aggressive spider. Zebra Jumping Spiders are more inclined to run or jump away. But this is just my opinion at this time. I could be wrong.

  24. I have recently now found a place on line that says there are the rarer cases of a bite from a jumping spider that can have significant swelling and can even cause flu like symptoms that last a few days.

  25. We have several sizes and colors of jumping spiders, but most of them are black with white and very fuzzy. Well I was trying to kill a BIG one the other day and he jumped about 3 feet right at me. scared me but I found him and now he's in spider heaven. I also found a spider that was deep black but shaped like a crab hes in spider heaven also. Next time I will try to get a pic. We live just south of Saginaw, Mi. by the Shiawasse Preserve.

  26. Also a gentleman that lives just north of us was bitten by a spider---his leg got real infected and open wound. He didn't see what type of spider thou-Maybe you could have some input?

  27. yeah i see jumping spiders were i live all the time, still curious what kind of spiders i have hanging around my apartment, i live in delta county, Gladstone to be exact. they almost look like the orb weaver spiders, in fact I know there's plenty around but there are spiders that look similar to them( just more flatten out with longer legs. no difference in color or pattern but they sure do like the siding of my apartment. any idea if there's a difference between the males and females because they do get in time-to-time and I'm not a fan by any-means, thoughts...

  28. I have a problem my daughter found a hole nest of spiders, black with white dots on back and a white ring around butt. I don't know about the fangs but I really want to know if they are jumping spiders. I am really concerned for my kids.

  29. We get these in our house every summer (we're in Hillsdale Co.), and every summer they bite me! At least twice per season I'll wake up with a cluster of 7-12 raised red bumps that itch intensely. The spiders always get me on the inside of my upper arm; it must be the way I lie when I sleep. Very annoying, as the itch is severe. However, I've never had other symptoms, for which I'm grateful. Thank you for providing this site for identification.

  30. I killed 2 of these yesterday. One was on my daughter's head.... yuck

  31. When I was a child in Mt. Clemens I was watching my dad play a game of pool in a bar along the Clinton River. While he was calling his shot he noticed a spider a couple of feet from his hands. He wasn't afraid of spiders so he laughed and aimed to shoot. The spider jumped across the table and bit him on the hand. It caused an egg sized swelling, itching, discomfort, and a slight fever. The worst part was his friends laughter and jokes!