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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Beyond Spider Dome - Index

Even though I run Michigan Spiders, I am not some activist who believes you should never kill spiders. I see the outside of my home as their turf and will let them roam free so long as they stay outside. However, if a spider ventures into my territory (my home), they do so at the risk of death by cat, my wife and her vacuum, me with a shoe, or entering Spider Dome!

What is Spider Dome you ask? Why it's only the fiercest competition in the spider kingdom, that's all it is! Spider Dome is a clear plastic dome (well, it's more like a cylinder, really), where two spiders are entered to face each other in a fight to the death. The battles are fierce and merciless. The bloodshed is... well its non-existant really, as they do not bleed like people do. The champion will be kept as my personal pet at my work, and will be given feasts in the likes of small crickets until they are fat.

WARNING** -- If you are weak at heart and the sight of a spider dying causes your stomach to feel queezy to the point of losing yesterdays lunch, you might need to take a couple tough pills and call me in the morning. Oh, and you might not want to watch any videos in these articles.

Hahriette - The first Champion of "Beyond Spider Dome" 
An article introducing the world to Hahriette, the first champion of Spider Dome and to Spider Dome itself.

Beyond Spider Dome - Episode One
Hahriette is 2-0 (both victories against Steotodas) entering this match. For the first time, she faces real competition. A foe who is quick, aggressive and willing to fight back. Then be chased around the domee before finally attacking again. 


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