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Monday, March 26, 2012

Submitted Pics - Banded Argiope

The following, are pictures of Banded Argiopes that have been submitted to me by others living in Michigan. In doing this, I am able to show pictures of spiders in Michigan that I myself have not seen, as well as more pics of those I have posted officially as being in Michigan.

Please understand that the Banded Argiope Spiders in this section may or may not be indigenous to Michigan. I would hope that others would be honest and actually send pics of the Banded Argiopes they have actually found in Michigan, but I cannot make any guarantees.

I would also like to thank all of those listed below for their kindness in sending me these pics. If by any chance, you have sent me one of the following pics and you do not wish me to use it, or if any information is wrong, please email me and let me know.

Banded Argiopes

Michigan Spiders - Banded Argiope-4aKristy - Newaygo, Mi.

Michigan Spiders - Banded Argiope-4Kristy - Newaygo, Mi.

Michigan Spiders - Banded Argiope-1Brian - Willis, Mi.

Michigan Spiders - Banded Argiope-2Roy - Athens, Mi.

Michigan Spiders - Banded Argiope-3Ross - Rochester, Mi.

Michigan Spiders - Banded Argiope-5Matt - Macomb, Mi.


  1. Wow i was in the woods the other day and ran in to one of these really scared me cause i hate spiders and i think it bit me cause after i ran into its web and killed it i had a itchy bump on my arm

  2. We have these in the cattails by our pond in Romeo Michigan. They are here and lots of them.

  3. I just photographed one of these in it's web this morning in Hart, MI. I've never found one until today, but they are here.

  4. I live in Dearborn, MI. I found one of these in my backyard today while doing yard work.

  5. My sister lives in Romeo,MI. We found one in her garden today. I came to this site to find out what is was. Weve never seen one. There are really pretty and REALLY big. Does anyone know if they are poisinous?

  6. In a defensive situation, the Argiope may bite but the venom is not harmful to humans. In fact, it may even be helpful. Argiope venom is being used in medical research for its abundance of Polyamine Toxins, which may be useful in treating certain neurodegenerative conditions.

    I have a degree in biology, but I don't work in that field and I'm not an expert on spiders. But I know a little bit. Hope it helps.

  7. I took a beautiful photo of this spider in it's web with it's prey in my backyard in rural area near Swartz Creek, Michigan in late September 2013 and didn't know what kind of spider it was until I came upon your site. Thank you. It is beautiful and quite large.

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