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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Disclaimer for Michigan Spiders

I feel it is necessary to make sure it is understood that I am not an expert and do not claim to be one. I have no degree in entomology or any other field. Any information I offer, it is strictly my opinion. If you wish to have a spider identified for a 100% ID, you would have to look up an entomologist and send your specimen to him/her and have them put it under a microscope.

In 2009 I knew very little about spiders and much of what I thought I knew, I had wrong. I found a spider in our living room and decided to look it up. When I had trouble finding any sites about what spiders were in Michigan, I decided I would start a blog posting the ones I found. I wanted to give others a place where they could find out what spiders they were dealing with. After a couple of years of this, my site suddenly reached the first page in google searches for spiders in Michigan and the next thing I knew, I had people emailing me, asking me to help them identify spiders.

Since that happened, I have learned a lot about spiders. Most of what I learned has come from looking them up, but I have also learned a lot from being in touch with the real experts like Rod Crawford and Rick Vetter. They have been a great and wonderful help.

So when I give you an identification, it is my opinion. If I am not sure I will tell you so, but there is always a chance of me being wrong. I will always do my best and try to update anyone I feel I have given any wrong info to.