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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Submitted Pics - Wolf Spiders

 The following are pictures of Wolf Spiders that have been submitted to me by others living in Michigan. In doing this, I am able to show pictures of spiders in Michigan that I myself have not seen, as well as more pics of those I have posted officially as being in Michigan.

Please understand that the Wolf Spiders in this section may or may not be indigenous to Michigan. I would hope that others would be honest and actually send pics of Wolf Spiders they have actually found in Michigan, but I cannot make any guarantees.

I would also like to thank all of those listed below for their kindness in sending me these pics and giving me permission to use them as well as their first name and city.


Amy - Belleville Mi.

Skip - ??? Mi.

Sandy - Canton, Mi.

Lindsey - ??? Mi.

Jennifer - Northern Mi.

Jeremiah - ??? Mi.

Sherri - Freemont, Mi.

April - West Mi.

Terri - Twin Lake, Mi.

Alicia - Grand Blanc, Mi.


  1. I thought wolf spiders were brown?

  2. Wolf Spiders often are brown. They can be lighter or darker and sometimes they have slightly different patterns as well. To get a good idea of how varied they can be, copy and paste this address to your browser and scroll through their pics. ..... http://www.spiderzrule.com/wolf.htm

  3. I'm so glad you posted this. I found a spider in my room walking back and forth along the wall near the ceiling. And it was doing that for hours. This bugger was fast too. I finally got freaked out when it hit the picture on my wall and dropped to the carpet (like any other 15 year old girl would) and left my room. I immediately thought it was a wolf spider. I was unsure though. So thank you for posting this. I'm from brownstown Michigan and I have a newly built house so I don't understand why I have daddy long legs (basement and outside) jumping spiders (kitchen only) and wolf spiders (in my room only--top floor and outside) I thought spiders are mainly in older houses. Do you think that the reason why I have these spiders in my house and around it (did I mention grass spiders) is because My subdivision was built off of an area where they cut down woods? And lastly, my subdivision is still surrounded by woods.

  4. Hi Jordie :o) Glad my site was of a help.

    I am sure the woods has a bit to do with all the spiders. I wouldnt be too surprised about them being in a new home though. THey likely began finding homes in the house even as it was being built. Not to scare you but it might freak you out how many spiders we have in our houses that we have no idea about. lol

    A little advice.... Mosquitos and other insects are drawn to lights. (Porch lights, lit up windows, etc...) The spiders are attracted to those insects as a food source. So leaving porch lights on or windows blinds open at night can bring a lot of spiders to the house.

    You can also buy a spider repelent at Home Depot in a gallon jug with a spray nozzle and a hose. Spraying around the windows outside as well as doors every couple months can really help keep them from coming inside.

    Your Wolf Spider was likely a male looking for a mate. They roam around looking for mates this time of the year and sometimes are drawn to the warmer indoors during the cooler nights.

    Hope this helped.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I have, what I believe to be a wolf spider living in a bucket in my garage. It looks like the one in the picture above and is about the size of a silver dollar. How big do they actually get?

  7. They are fairly large spiders. Some grow over an inch in size. I once caught one that the body alone was the size of a quarter. I am sure it was not the biggest either.

  8. I've only ever seen wolf spiders grow to about the size of a quarter here in MI, but down in the Smokies, I've seen them as big as silver dollars. Course everything is bigger in the Smokies, but seeing how the environments are similar I suppose the could get as big here.

  9. I've been getting very large greyish brown spiders with wto humps on the top front of the abdomine. they are very agressive and will actual charge you if provoked. any ideas what these are? also they are about 3/4s of an inch from front to back not counting legs. the legs span is about two inches in dia. and rather large fangs. i live in kingsley mi. any help id these would be nice.

  10. I am sorry, but I just cant say what it would be from the description. If you could get a decent pic of it and email it to me I might be able to help you.

  11. We live in New Boston, about 20 minutes SE of Ann Arbor. We've been seeing at least 5-8 wolf spiders everyday. Scares the hell out of me and my step-mother lol

  12. I live in Cliton Twp., Michigan North East of Detroit. I have encountered nermous Wolf Spiders at Work. They are huge. Scares the heck out of all of us. They have gotten so big, they are at least 1/2 dollar in size including the legs and that was not the largest. We had baby spiders cralling all over our desks. We had to bomb the building.

  13. i really don't think that those black spiders like the one u got up on this page are wolf spiders i smashed one with the body its self about the size of my yo-yo not including legs cause it wouldn't stop chasing me in my own room and one night i had 6 in here at 1 time and got bit 2 time resulting in really bad blisters one actually turned black and the doctor had to cut out the skin around it and give me a few shots btw i live in howell mi. and they got really big out here this last summer

  14. Please dont take this wrong, but you either have a very small yo-yo, or you have tarantulas. The body of a Wolf Spider does not get much bigger than the size of a quarter. Maybe a half dollar. I have never heard of a spider actually chasing anyone around a room either.

    The spider in the picture is definitely a Wolf Spider. You will have to send me a pic of the spiders you get, and please, try and get a pic that shows detail as well as something else in the pic so I can get a size comparison.

  15. Hey Kenneth? I was reading some of the descriptions of what people thought were wolf spiders but described them as bigger and aggressive. I have encountered one of these spiders and they are pretty big. The one I encountered was actually big enough that I could see the eyes on the thing. It DID NOT look like the spider you have at the top of the page. When we lived in Eaton county at our house in the Charlotte Area, our bushes right up next to our house was FULL of these HUGE spiders and at the time we were told they were Wolf Spiders. They were fascinating to watch OUTSIDE the house and they rarely ever came inside. But One did one evening and when it dropped onto the table it made a pretty audible noise. When I looked to see what it was it stared at me and I stared at it... It went one way and I went the other.... it moved pretty fast and wasn't agressive with me at all BUT I think it is one of the spiders that others on here are talking about.... THEN I was told that Michigan DOES have a type of Tarantula.... I believe it. If I can find a picture of what everyone is describing, I will send it to you if you haven't already found some. - Amy

    1. I saw one of those, too. It was living in a web in a tree by my old apartment building... then I saw one in my neighbor's kitchen. She had a young daughter who came screaming across the street that a spider was trying to kill her. I went to check it out. It was HUGE and black and furry. It's eyes were easily visible. It was staring at us from across the kitchen. When we moved, even slightly, the spider shifted its body to continue looking at us - like it was stalking or hunting. I've yet to find a picture of it online, or anywhere else. I'm starting to think I'll never know what type of spider it was. We threw a towel at the one in the kitchen and ran like a bat out of #$!! When we went back, the towel was quite a ways from where it landed and the spider was gone. When her mother came home we went and bought spider spray or something like that from Home Depot. Never saw the thing again, but it was SCARY and I still look for it whenever I'm on spider sites.

  16. Hello Anonymous :o) I would love to see a pic of the spider you saw. You might try going to -- http://www.spiderzrule.com/spiderphotos.htm -- and look at the following spiders....
    Wolf Spider
    Fishing Spider
    Parson Spider
    Nursery Web Spider

    Please do not look at just the main image as these spiders can come in different patterns and shades of colors. Scan through them and you may just find your spider. I have pics of all of those spiders that have been sent to me to identify, but unfortunately I have been working a ton of hours and have not had time to add those images. Hopefully soon.

  17. i seen a spider on my wall,looked like a cross between a wolf spider and a brow recluse, but could not catch it. it was black with a almost a hourglass white spot stretching from its back to its abdomen(on top). seeing as i got my baby crawling round i thought id ask

  18. Unfortunately without seeing the spider, I just cannot say what it would have been. So much goes into identifying one that does not have the usual tell-tale identification marks. The eye pattern, shape of the abdomen, size, size of the abdomen in comparison to the cephalathorax, length of legs, thickness of the legs, etc...

    If at all possible, I would always prefer a good clear picture of a spider being sent to me. Outside of that, I can only hope there is something in the description that really gives it away.

  19. Hey I was wondering how large young/baby wolf spiders are.. My family is seeing them or another quarter sized spider all over our house. Two across the living room floor in less than an hour..
    If i see another I will try to photograph it

  20. A mother Wolf Spider will carry hundreds of babies on her abdomen for a time until they are able to fend for themselves. Sometimes they are disturbed and will flee.

    If a Wolf Spiders young have spread out in your home, you might have to consider getting your place exterminated.

  21. What is the gestation on the eggs for a wolf spider? And is a wolf spider the same thing as a wood spider? Are wolf spiders poisonous?

  22. I have lived all over Michigan in city and rural areas, where lights are on all night and in areas on the Great Lakes and Detroit River and also inland waterways with docks and boathouses over water, etc,etc, and I have NEVER seen anything like what seems to be reported commonly on this site as to HUGE effing spiders. Even a Wolf spider as large as a quarter is common but a wolf spider with a body the size of a quarter? Hard to believe. I have seen spider eyes glowing from the beam of a high powered L.E.D. flashlights in my home or even by shining into the woods as if shining for deer. I think you people have an enormous imagination. No official guide to Michigan spiders lists anything as large in Michigan either, outside of some fishing or water related spiders, but that is with legs included and not just body size.

  23. Anonymous (I wish people would leave some kind of name) I have spent some time to update this page with several more pics that have been sent in to me. You will notice there are a few that shows how bog the spiders are.

    Just because you have never seen something, it does not mean it is not real.

    1. I wish I would have taken a picture of todays kill. :) The body was EASILY as big as a quarter. Oxford, Michigan

  24. Hey, i just emailed you this picture of this nasty spider.. thank gosh it was dead when i found it.. but i just had a baby who had to get heart surgery and i dont want her to get bite by anything.. im not sure its even a wolf spider ): so if you can please get back to me asap, thanks!

  25. Sent you an email of a jumping spider on a banana used to attract butterfly's! Creepy but cute at the same time... Lol
    Carrie, Ray twp

  26. Hello, Ive seen a spider a couple times in my basement the last few days. The first time I saw it I was lifting up laundry and I saw a spider who's body was about the size of a half dollar. It was black with fat hairy legs, and within about 3 seconds it was across to the other side of the basement. I'm not sure if it was a wolf spider, a jumping spider, or a tarantula. Also, it dosent crawl, it seems to jump from place to place.

  27. It dosent seem to like it when I turn the light haha. It scrambles.

  28. When I was little my cousins and I caught a spider in bucket (smaller version of a 5 gallon bucket) maybe a 2 1/2 gallon, not sure. It's legs touched edge to edge of that bucket and it had quite a leap! This was in Belleville, MI in the 80's. We thought it was a wolf spider but maybe we caught something not originally from the area, it had to be 5" or more from leg to leg, it was so scary! I have never seen another spider like it since. Heebee jeebees!!!

  29. I live in Belleville, and just had a large brown spider on my bathroom floor. This thing was huge. It was just sitting there. I watched it for a few minutes, but I wasn't close enough to see any markings. As I moved closer, it started to run and before I could get it, it ran into the vent. I'm a hunter and see spiders all the time. I thought maybe a wolf spider, but this thing was at least 2-3 inchs around, including it's legs. It was dark brown, with long thin legs. Not sure what kind it was, can wolf spiders get this big?

  30. Ok i work in Grand rapids MI working on pools, doing one of yearly opening we do every year a few years back after pulling the cover we discorverd this almost baseball sized spider, very agressive, (im including leg span)it looked amost exactly like the 5th picture down up there, had no issue standing on water, we accualy hit it with 100% muriatic acid and watched it ball up sink and come up just fine. this house is along the grand river, i assume it's just a giant wolf, really wish i had a picture for you but,never have i seen a spider in MI in all my 27 years of life that big.(i assume it was a wolf cuz of the eye pattern) size wise like i said baseball or at least the size of a fist. (also this is a 20x40 pool and the thing could go from one end to the other in 3 jumps across the water) i did look at fishing spiders but no where close size/color wise. any idea Overlordrat@hotmail.com thx -Rob

  31. Aaron C - it sounds to me like a cave spider..they have fronts like spiders and back legs like a cricket and jump as high as 6 inches into the air...I have seen them in East Lake Michigan and in the basement level of a building in Grand Rapids Michigan. They like it dark and musty (like a bathroom). They overran the office building in no time and had to be exterminated.

  32. Grand Rapids, -- I replied through an email. In short, I dont know about Wolf SPiders jumping on water. I know they can walk on it, at least some can, but jump? To my knowledge, Wolf Spiders usually dont jump much.

    Belleville -- It very well could have been a Wolf Spider. Some species of the Wolf Spider can reach that 2 to 3 inch size. Larger, in the realm of 4", I would then say look at Fishing Spiders. That is my knowledge of them at least.

  33. I just want to put this info out there.....ever since a friend of mine got a bad brown recluse bite in north carolina, ive been scared to death they could be in MI. i have not seen one yet, but come to find out they have been slowly creeping their way up state to state from the south, and in my research i found a few people who reported brown recluse bites in the last year here. All of these people had the tell tale signs of a recluse bite, and had to go to a hospital for treatment....but the strangest part to me is that they were all told their bite could not be from a brown recluse because they dont exist in MI...i believe they are definately here, maybe rare, for now, but they are hear. Anyone else know someone whos had a bite like that here? Also.....i dont know about tarantulas being in MI, ive never heard of that, however.....if you buy a cactus they can actually be living inside of it, maybe that would explain some peoples incounters? Same thing goes for boxes of citruis fruits and such from other places around the country...always look at that stuff, we dont need anymore scarry species of spiders here!!!! Holly, from Leonard, MI

  34. kenneth Ester, please send me your email, we have some huge spiders that we are dying literally to identify... my email is heidiprincessprovo@gmail.com

  35. I have a cabin on a small lake near Fremont,MI.
    We have these large excavation type holes all over the yard that we have been told are from crawfish. Last year we were sitting around a bonfire at night and saw something moving across the grass. I picked up the can of bug spray and sprayed so much on this spder that its whole body was outlined in the foam. Holy Cow that thing was big! It ran very fast and went down into one of those excavation type holes. Two days ago while in the boat just offshore, We saw a very large very dark brown/black spider walking across the algae scum that was floating on the lake. What the heck - again these were very large-body the size of a 50 cent piece. Is there a type of spider that likes very damp areas and act like these two did? Jan O'D - oldhamonquimby@hotmail.com

  36. I have these in my garage. Their eyes glow in certain lighting, and it makes my skin crawl. uggghhh.

  37. Had a family of these horrible ugly fast 8 legged creatures in my home last year. Had to say, that it was NO fun trying to get them out and gone! Out of all the spiders here in Mi, the wolf spider is by far the most disturbing one to me. Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it, ewwww.

  38. I have seen many sightings of wolf spiders in Michigan to afraid to take a picture though