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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Submitted Pics - Orb Weaver Spiders

The following are pictures of Orb Weaver Spiders that have been submitted to me by others living in Michigan. In doing this, I am able to show pictures of spiders in Michigan that I myself have not seen, as well as more pics of those I have posted officially as being in Michigan.

Please understand that the Orb Weaver Spiders in this section may or may not be indigenous to Michigan. I would hope that others would be honest and actually send pics of Orb Weaver Spiders they have actually found in Michigan, but I cannot make any guarantees.

I would also like to thank all of those listed below for their kindness in sending me these pics and giving me permission to use them as well as their first name and city.

Marilyn - Traverse City


  1. I came across an unusual spider and cannot seem to identify it. And of course, it was gone before a camera could be produced. It was dark irridescent green with dark purple irr.head and legs. It was approx. 4-5mm, the size of a small screen jumping spider. I will keep my eye out for him but any help you could provide in his identity would be appreciated! (= Teresa near Kalamazoo

  2. just found a orange female orb weaver on my apple tree in the front yard. Ilive in plainwell michigan about 40 minutes south of grand rapids. if i had a way to post i pic i would but i don't. this spider is BIG!!!!!

  3. I live in Jackson Mi, and i just saw one propelling down in front of my garage door. Gave me a heart attack. THING WAS HUGE!!!! With a big brown butt.

    1. me too i stay on whitney st off of ganson just caught one in a mason jar im gonna register with the site and upload/send the admin a pic

  4. What color is that orb weaver? I found one that is yellow with black spots. IT IS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!! I live in Allegan Michigan.

  5. i found a toublar thing stuck on some was like the nest a paper wasp make out of had tuns of babies in it,one big looks like the picture of the orb wearver spider.then today we seen a big 0ne hanging on garage door!!i live in hopkins.october 8 2011 at 1:30

  6. we found this spider on the outside of my daughters window. are they poisonous? Southgate,MI

  7. Nope, they are harmless for the most part. Go to their page on the left side of my site to learn more about them.

  8. I live in a rural area in Carleton, MI. We have these spiders by the dozens on the tall side of our home in the summertime. THEY ARE BIG!! The largest one that I've seen had a body the size of a quarter and my husband has seen larger. They do not seem to be aggressive. In fact, in the summer their webs are very close to our front door. When entering our home at night our heads are inches from them. I will take a few photos and submit soon.

  9. We found one in our house, we think it hitched a ride in from someone as we had many people over for Thanksgiving dinner. This thing is HUGE like everyone else said. We live in Byron Center, MI. We captured it and took pictures of it in the jar so they may not be as nice as the ones you have on here.

  10. I believe I've seen two of these spiders out on my front porch. I am terrified of spiders as it is and once again they were huge. I didn't leave the house until some silly kid killed them..i didn't wanna kill them, I just wanted them to go away. I live in Detroit, MI.

  11. Killed a terra cotta colored spider yesterday- when I went to move it ,it squirted liquid at me, large body small head and long legs

  12. I have had three of the top pictured spider in my house so far this spring and the do look like miniature tarantulas. They scare me to death. It takes a lot of raid spider killer to kill the big ones. Sorry no picture.

  13. We have the "Wanted Spider #1" living un-wantingly in our home :(

  14. I just opened my door when I got home, slid the screen door shut to the house and seen something. Thought it was dead bug being eaten by tiny little bugs so I got closer and then realized it was a huge spider just sitting there. I took a pic of it but I cant seem to find one exaclty like it! This orb spider looks to be the closest but Im not for sure! Can you tell me where I can go to send this to you so you can identify it please and thank you! Whittemore, MI at 3:30 pm

  15. This is what I think I found tonight. I live in Clinton Township, do orb weavers tend to have a face or skull looking abdominal? I don't know what it is, their tiny and fat. And in the townhouses here they are above everyone's door down the line.

  16. I have several of these on my front porch, I usually leave them alone until my son was bitten by a spider whose venom started rotting my sons muscle tissue, his bite started out like a bruise and then kept getting bigger in circumference. It took alot of antibiotics to take care of the infection but it finally went away. The Drs. had considered cutting it out. I don't mess with spiders anymore and use spray to kill them, but I will try and get pics of those I have seen recently for you.

  17. gosh those are everywhere here there so creepy!!! there all over the porch linden, mi

  18. The spider above is a shamrock. Harmless. I was bitten by one several times.

  19. Have this spider building a web every night on my porch next to the front door. Coolest thing ever! Big with the cross on its back. Takes the web down every morning for me. Seems pretty harmless since it runs away every time I open the door. Live in New Hudson MI

  20. I think I have and Orb spider on my outside kitchen window, very large intricate web and he/she is just sitting in the middle. What surprises me is that the spider and web were not there yesterday. Although beautiful I'm concerned if it's poisonous since I have 2 very curious grandkids who spend a lot of time at my home and if it is dangerous for them to play outside. Any help will be appreciated.

  21. I live outside metro Detroit

  22. I live in flint Michigan and me and my family saw one that looks similar to this dangling down from our tree in the front yard. I have been trying to figure out what kind of spider it is and this is the closest I have seen to it, so is it possible this could be the spider it is?

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