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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hacklemesh Weaver

Michigan Spiders - Hacklemesh Weaver-1
Abdomen - Fuzzy with a pattern

Cephalothorax - Shiny and can be two toned.

Female Size - NA

Male Size - NA

Bite Info - NA

Other Notes - NA

The Hacklemesh Weaver is of the Coras genus in Spiders. There are fifteen different species of the Coras.

Coras aerialis Muma, 1946 — USA
Coras alabama Muma, 1946 — USA
Coras angularis Muma, 1944 — USA
Coras cavernorum Barrows, 1940 — USA
Coras crescentis Muma, 1944 — USA
Coras furcatus Muma, 1946 — USA
Coras juvenilis (Keyserling, 1881) — USA
Coras kisatchie Muma, 1946 — USA
Coras lamellosus (Keyserling, 1887) — USA
Coras medicinalis (Hentz, 1821) — USA, Canada
Coras montanus (Emerton, 1890) — USA, Canada
Coras parallelis Muma, 1944 — USA
Coras perplexus Muma, 1946 — USA
Coras taugynus Chamberlin, 1925 — USA
Coras tennesseensis Muma, 1946 — USA


  1. I think I found one of these last night. I fed it to my pacman frog.

  2. had one last night on my patio chair and took a pic with my phone cam,{that sucks} but know this is what it was! VERY COOL!!!

  3. I think i saw this outside of m house the other day but it was Black and Yellow like bright and it was the size of a half dollar??? Milford mich

  4. I just found one of these in my garage in Tecumseh, MI. This is the biggest spider I have ever seen in Michigan.

  5. I was bit by one in my bed two months ago ( September 2011), it hurt and woke me up. Since then we have found three more in our house. First time we have ran across these spiders, we live in Saginaw MI.

  6. had a couple of those bad boys nesting on some tires i bought that were in a swampy area one was a huge female shot it with a paintball gun the other one i stomped

  7. I just found one of these chilling on the curtain above my bed (Hazel Park). I am usually bug/spider friendly but prefer to know what I'm dealing with. Now I know and I can let it out of the mason jar and into the backyard. Your site has been a huge help identifying my backlog of spiders. I wish I could find more information about them and am surprised at how little is available anywhere on the web. The one I found tonite resembles the one identified in the picture. While looking for more pictures online I was also able to identify one of my backlogged spiders as the same except larger with a black/blue coloration (larger as in too big to squish!).

  8. Madison Heights, MI.Caught one in my basement.

  9. i once had one on my head. I once had it on my armpit and it tickled and it bit me. I once had a brown reclise on my hand and it bit me.

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