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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Grass Spider

Michigan Spiders - Grass Spider-1

Michigan Spiders - Grass Spider-2
- Fuzzy with a pattern

Cephalothorax - Fuzzy with a striped pattern running from front to back.

Female Size - NA

Male Size - Their bodies average between 0.5 inch to 0.75 inch long. The largest of these that I have seen personally was one I caught in the basement of an apartment I lived in. The body alone was just under the size of a quarter.

Bite Info - NA

Other Notes - The Grass spider is commonly mixed up with the Wolf Spider. The two spiders have very similar markings but usually the Grass Spider has two or three stripes on its back where the Wolf Spiders stripe (if it has any) is usually more of one dominant stripe. Don't mix that up with the Nursery Web Spider though.

The three most positive ways to tell the two apart however are 1) The eyes. Grass Spiders eyes look sort of like two rows of four eyes, one above the other. Both rows are curved and all eight eyes are generally near the same in size. ...2) Grass Spiders have longer spinnerets on the back of their abdomen. Wolf Spiders do not have as long spinnerets because they do not spin webs except to protect their eggs. ..3) The Web! Grass Spiders have the flat horizontal web that ends in a funnel shape.

The Grass spider is also referred to as the Funnel Spider for the funneled portion of its web that it hides in.

These are very quick spiders and often you might find them running across your floor in the fall time. The common belief is that they come indoors during the fall because they are drawn to the warmth but the fact is the Fall is their mating season and the males will leave their nests in search for a mate.

Genus - Agelenopsis


  1. My wife received a spider bite (we think) on the left top of her shoulder blade between the neck and shoulder last Sunday. Symptoms showed uo Tues,waday AM, which has resulted after 2 days with a red rash about 4" x 1-1/2" long with the thin bite mark in the middle about 1/4" x 1/8" like an elongated "O". It was very sore to the touch, and is now starting to itch. She is extremely tired and has no energy and has had some numbness around the jaw on the lower same side. The symptoms are less but I am wondering if she should be on anti-biotics to eliminate the effects of the poison. My e-mail is What type of spider do you think caused this? Any help or direction will be appreciated. Thanks, Jim Pitcher Fennville, MI

  2. Hi Jim

    I sent an email, but I felt it important enough to reply with the same answer here as well.

    I hope this finds your wife doing better. I have to say that any time someone shows a reaction to a spider bite more than a mild inflammation, they should see a doctor. There are always possibilities of complications with any bite. Allergies to certain venoms, infection, even the chance of some spiders carrying the MRSA infection. If you did not actually find a spider that bit her, there is always a very good chance she could have a completely different problem that looks like a spider bite. A vast majority of spider bites reported end up not being bites at all but infections within the body. If your wife is having any real reactions, please have her checked out. Always better to be safe than sorry.
    As to what kind of spider it would be, it is likely impossible for me to say. As I mentioned, it could be an allergic reaction to any spider bite or not a bite at all. There are no spiders that are indigenous to Michigan that are considered to be real dangerous. The most dangerous here in Michigan is to my knowledge, the Yellow Sac Spider. Yet those rarely show any real affects. There is always a possibility of a recluse or Widow, but that would likely be a case of coming across one that was accidentally transported from out of state. If I had to take a guess, I would bet my money that there is something more than a spider bite going on.
    I hope your wife will be okay. Please let me know how it turns out. I will pray for her.

  3. I always take benedryl immediately when bitten or stung by anything to keep from having a severe reaction, even if I know what got me isn't poisonous .
    I also put 1/2cup Epsom salt to 1cup water and use as a compress to pull out any venom or I use essential oil of lavender for prevention of infection.
    I live in Michigan and have seen many bugs and other creepy crawlers, raid house n garden in a green can will kill most bugs on contact, and doesn't have a terrible smell either! I spray my truck inside weekly, and treat my yard as often as I can afford to...
    Prevention is the best way to go about being a victim of bites!!

  4. I just thought i should post a comment about the brown recluse. They were always thought to not inhabbit michigan but they do. I live in the southeastern part of michigan near the ohio line and they have found brown recluses in our area. There has also been 3 documented brown recluse bites within a mile radius of my home. I know it starts as a small scab and then the area becomes swollen and painful. they are extremly dangerous. I know they are not malicious spiders but someone i know was bitten in their sleep and she almost had to had her leg amputated because the venum spead so quickly is ate the tissue in her leg right down to the bone. I just thought it was important to share the information.

  5. My first point would be to ask you to leave the comment under the correct spider in the future. :o)

    Secondly, if there are documented cases of Brown Recluse bites in Michigan, please post where we can see this info at.

    To my knowledge, the Brown Recluse is even pretty rare in Ohio. So for there to be multiple cases in lower Michigan would be extremely surprising. Did your friend actually see the spider? Was it identified? The reason I ask, is because very often people get flesh eating infections that are first diagnosed as Brown Recluse bites. That actually happens far more often than real bites do.

    If there are cases like this, I would love to post the truth on my site. But unless I see proof... Identified spiders documented, etc... I am forced to continue with what I do know. That is that I have yet to see any documented proof that Brown Recluses live in Michigan.

    1. I am a licensed pest control business owner in southeast Michigan. And yes the recluse is 100% in lower Michigan howerver they are very rare but should be made aware of. Just don't go sticking your hands under dark places like furniture before looking or dusting first. The biggest spider threat is the yellow sac spider which is responsible for the majority of bites in Michigan. Due to how common they are and their aggressiveness. However the only threat from a sac spider is an allergic reaction.

  6. i just wanted to say your site is awesome..and thx so much!! i have 4 kids who were extremely afraid of spiders. we live in deep woods , but still dont know where the intense phobia was from. we get some impressive ones here and big!! in our bath tub and sink. So i decided to start investigating, and found your site, along with your story of being initially very scared of them. Then instead of instantly squishing the critters, i captured them, and my kids gathered around and we learned about them, lol, nice hallmark moment... we found out the big ones we often see are grass spiders, and also how much good spiders do by keeping the fly and bug population down..also we went into the woods early when dew is out and the webs look really anyways just want to say even though we dont want them as pets my family has a whole new appreciation for these critters:) and every time we find a new one your site is the first we kids are waitinfg for the day when we find one not on your site , so we can send you a far all been common :)

  7. Hi Anonymous :o) Thank-you so very much for the kind words. After having quite a rough day, to come home and read this comment simply made my day. I have had a lot of nice comments and I appreciate each one, but yours really made me feel good in a way I can't explain.

    It is great to know that Michigan Spiders has helped in a way that is so much more than identifying a spider. That your kids are not as afraid of spiders as they were, and seem interested in them is just great.

    Likely you will find a spider not on my site sooner or later. There are so many. But please, dont feel you need to wait until you get a new one to send a pic. I am always glad to get new pics, even if they are on here already. If the pic is of good quality, where it shows good detail, I will add it to the right side (Submitted Pics).

    Feel free to email me with any new stories as well. I would love to hear more of the spiders and your kids finding them and how they react. lol

    Thanks again :o)

  8. nice thx for responding:) ive always taught them if you have a fear investigate, see if its real what you are fearing.. we also found this story about this guy who had a horse barn.In the barn was a multitude of webs, they were not really in the way and high up, but still were enough that people would comment on it.. So he decided to clear them all out..then after a bit, his horses and him got extremely assaulted by horseflys. now if anyone has encountered those critters..O.O they buzz around your head ,and there bites are vicious. So he let the spiders back, and wouldnt you know it ,solved the horse fly theses sort of stories show how important they are. Just thought it was interesting story..and its strange now that we as a family(ok a little strange) have started looking at spiders, we look a little different at the world..and dont even get me started on also ive read the blog of your family and you...and we are all sending best wishs to you and yours..its tough out there.. im secretly hoping that aliens will land...its starting to seem that might be the only thing that is going to transform life :)ok semi joking..

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Wow! This is an amazing, and very informative website. The best one I have encountered. I also have discovered the wolf spider as well as the grass spider around my home. I may even have the nursery web spider. I have heard many horrible things reguarding the wolf spider and was very concerned for my young children and being bitten. Thanks for helping me out!

  11. Just found a grass spider in my basement and caught it in a jar to identify it. Just realeased it ouside. Thanks for your helpful website.
    Wyandotte, Mi.

  12. My back yard is filled with these nasty looking things!!
    At least 4 webs per fence post! In one spot along the fence I sprayed some poison and I saw 6 spiders run into their little (really not so little) funnels! I had 4 webs on my house as well, every web had a spider on it. I have never in my life seen such BIG spiders!

    Are they poisonous?

    I sprayed my whole back yard and house for bugs and spiders. I'm just to creaped out by these nasty things!

  13. I live in Bay City, MI. I've seen these spiders a few times around here, but I saw them frequently in Saginaw, MI.

    Just a note, these spiders cannot bite humans because their fangs cannot penetrate human skin. I know this because I despise spiders and seek all information possible about those confirmed to be living in Michigan. If I see any type of spider, I kill it - immediately. To spider enthusiasts, that may seem wrong. I don't care. LOL.

    1. I am also in Bay City and I destroy and ask questions later also lol

  14. Just got one of these suckers creeping on my basement floor. It may have been the biggest spider I have ever seen in or around my house. It's body was slender, and when I smashed it, it didn't even make a mess. I work in the basement, I fear there isn't more...

    Fraser, MI

  15. Grass Spiders can in fact bite and their fangs can penetrate human skin. However, they will only bite if they have no other choice. You can handle them and they likely will not bite, but if you were to squeeze one wrongly or something, they can bite. However, their venom is nothing to worry about and if their is any reaction, it will fade soon after. They are considered to be harmless.

    Grass Spiders usually stay to their webs. Sometimes in the fall, the males will go out looking for a mate and end up wandering into our homes. They are not aggressive at all and will run away. Even if you scoop one up they usually wont bite.

    If it was a particularly large spider that looks similar to this, it could also be a Wolf Spider. Some Wolf Spiders look much like the Grass Spider.

  16. To those that are interested, I did not realize things about the genus Agelenopsis. The grass spider has speed. I observed this watching a female funnel weaver grass spider kill a sac spider the same size! Their are diffferent species of grass spider?

  17. Hi! I live in the UP. When we were replacing our dock at camp, we flushed out a huge spider. I don't have a picture, although I wish I did, but it was the biggest spider I've ever seen in the wild. If I were to stretch out my hand(I'm an adult by the way), its legs would easily have reached out as far as my fingers. We entertained ourselves by checking up on it over the next couple of days, and we all decided it was much too cool to squish. Some of my family thought it was a wolf spider, but I think it looks more like this one. Would this spider be able to get that big and would it choose to make a home very near water? Or is there another spider you can think of that would fit this admittedly vague description? Again, I'm sorry that I don't have a photograph and can offer no specific details, but any help is appreciated.

  18. If there are multiple species of the Grass Spider, I am not aware of it. But let me make it clear that I am not an expert. I have simply learned a lot from looking them up myself over the last few years. But as I am aware, this is the only grass spider. If I am wrong, I would love to learn of it.

    As for the spider on the dock. I would suggest you look up the Fishing Spider. To my knowledge, they are the largest spider in Michigan, the adults growing up to four inches across. I believe they may get as large as 5 inches but that would be unusual. Since it was on a dock, that would lean to the Fishing Spider as well, for they are most often found near water.

  19. Went outside to find my landscaping and lawn filled with webs. I assume they are grass spiders by the pictures and the shape of their web. Wondered if anyone would know why there are hundreds of these in my yard so suddenly?

  20. I believe I found a large (to me, anyways) Crab Spider. This spider was 'hanging out' in a hole, outside by my slider door, off of my living room. It was a gray color and the eyes were huge, it seemed to have followed my every move, far too creepy for me. I did spray it with some outdoor bug spray and it did not even flinch! GROSS! I have not seen it since, because it hid inside of the hole in the wall, nor do I want to, but we also have the Jumping Spiders in our home every now and again. I hate bugs, entirely. If I do see another spider that is in or around our home I WILL definately be sending you the pics...Until then...

  21. I sprayed my whole back yard and house for bugs and spiders. I'm just to creaped out by these nasty things!

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  24. There has been a positive brown recluse bite over 10 years ago in lower western Michigan also. The family had just gone on a vacation to southern states and potentially brought it home with them.

  25. There has been a positive brown recluse bite over 10 years ago in lower western Michigan also. The family had just gone on a vacation to southern states and potentially brought it home with them.

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