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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Michigan Spiders is Changing to USA Spiders

For a long time I have wanted to do two things. Expand Michigan Spiders into a site that is good for all 50 states, and to build a real website with a .com rather than use this blog.  I am proud to say it is finally happening.

My new website is USA Spiders ( I have put a lot of time into building the new site and it is mostly done, but I am no professional website builder, so if you find any broken links, pages with bad information, or anything at all you do not like about the site, please let me know.  I will consider every item mentioned and make the change if I feel it would be better. If enough people make the same suggestion, I may even go against my own judgement. USA Spiders is meant to help people like you, and I cannot make it the best site I possibly can if nobody lets me know what they do not like about it.

If you have a spider you wish me to identify, please use the new email found in the contact info for the new site. I will still check this email for a while but all emails for USA Spiders will be answered before I check the Michigan Spiders email.  However, in respect to my loyal friends of Michigan Spiders, if you put your city and "Michigan" in the Subject line of the email, I will give that email priority over any others.
I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. I do hope you find USA Spiders up to your standards.  I also hope you will help spread word about the new site.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Michigan Spiders the Printed Version of the Book

Michigan Spiders, the printed version of the book is available!

It took a couple of extra years to get this book right for printing. You would be surprised how good clear pictures on your computer will turn out so dark once they are printed. Working 50 plus hours a week at a job that will pay the bills, it didnt leave much time to be working on the book much less the site. 

Michigan Spiders Printed Book at Amazon
But this year I have pushed to get it done. I have added updated pictures as well as new spiders to the book.

If you happen to be camping, fishing, hunting, or just at a park when you see a spider and you want to know what it is? Just keep the book with you and you can look it up.

A neat little feature I added to the printed version of the book is a quick index at the back of the book. It has smaller versions of the pictures of the spiders all close together with the name of the spider below them. This will make it easy to just scan through the pictures and find the spider that looks like the one you have found.

This is not like your fiction books that you read once and toss aside to never look at again. Michigan Spiders (the Printed Book) will be a guide you can turn to over and over for years to come. For the price of $22.99, you can have the best guide to the common spiders you will find in Michigan at your fingertips.

Buy the book at Amazon now! Have the spiders of Michigan in your hands today!

Dont forget to leave a review of the book at

Thanks again to Karri Klawiter for the exceptional cover design!  :o)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

So You Might Have a Brown Recluse Huh?

Contrary to very common belief, the Brown recluse spider is not indigenous to Michigan. Yes I know.  You or someone you know was bit by one once. Trust me, everybody knows someone who was bit by this spider. Yet, not one of them have caught the spider (dead or alive) to have it identified.

If you find a Brown recluse, there are some rules you really should follow.
1) Catch it. Preferably alive, but having a dead specimen is still much better than no specimen. If it is alive, make sure you note that on a label on the container so nobody opens it not expecting a Brown recluse to run out. If it is dead, place it in a small container of alcohol to preserve it.
2) Take some pictures of it.  The clearer the pics the better. Show the top of the spider and the front of it. Try hard to get the eyes in a picture.
3) Email me or a real entomologist first and attach the pictures of the spider to the email. IF they think it really might be one, they will tell you, and then you can get the information where to send it for proper identification.
4) Be completely honest in answering any questions they may have for you. After all, it is important to learn whether the spider was brought in somehow or not.

Every expert will tell you the Brown recluse is not in Michigan other than a very rare rogue spider that was brought here inside boxes or packages or something. If you believe they really are here, the only way you can prove it is by getting them identified.

Please, if you wish to debate whether the recluse is in Michigan or not, don't do it on comments at the end of this page. Do it where others will take part a little more. Like go to the comments after this post... The Myth of the Brown Recluse and the Black Widow Spiders  ... and read the argument here.